Saturday, 28 December 2013

PTSD, CFS, Motherhood and Chocolate!

What do these four things have in common, you ask? (Ok, you didn't ask. I did. Let's Just pretend for my sake! )

Me of course!

I am a 40-ish health professional, mum of 3 boys and wife of an amazing guy.

I also had 2 traumatic childbirths, which triggered PTSD (a traumatic childhood helped this along some), and have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for at least 2 years. I have had to cease paid employment because of the CFS. I discovered three months ago I am gluten intolerant (and possibly dairy too but I'm trying to be in denial over that one!)


I prefer to think the glass if half full rather than half empty (preferably with a skinny latte inside!)
I love life.
I love chocolate.
I love trying new foods, reading about food, making new food.
I love exploring the south side of Brisbane for interesting spots pertaining to food, coffee, kids and nature.
I love people (and therefore can't wait to have the energy to get back in the workforce.)

In this blog I plan to chat away about all these things (and probably more. Let's face it, I just have far too many words to use up each day!)  So, pause, reflect and come along with me if you like on this event called Life.

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